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This Funk-Rock, Rap-Core, Mix-of-Styles band from North Poland was founded in the 90's.  There hits in Poland include "Ciągnik", "Biribomba", "Owca", "Punkt G", "Czuję że muszę", "Włos to Włos", "Poniedziałek", "Za Pokojem", and "Mała Obawa".  Songs are predominantly in Polish and English, and sometimes mixed.


The band has played hundreds of concerts through the years, while sharing the stage with international bands like: the Foo Fighters, Alphaville, Ice-T and Body Count.
In 2022, due to the band's return to the stage with all the original members, the Blenders played at the large summer festivals of Pol'and'Rock and CieszFanów. To welcome their fans, they also played a concert at home, in the Tricity, in the packed Shakespeare Theater.

Currently, the band is working on a new album as well as a Live Greatest Hits album recorded in Summer 2023 in Warmia and Mazury.  This album will also have a documentary film.

GENRES: Funk-Rock, Rock, Rap-Core, Pop-Funk


     Vocals: Glenn “glennSKii” Meyer
     Vocals: Marcel Adamowicz
     Guitar/Vocals: Szymon Kobyliński

     Bass: Sławek Urbański
     Guitar: Tomek Urbański
     Drums/Backing Vocs: Mariusz “Nosek” Noskowiak


YEARS ACTIVE: 1993 - present (with breaks)


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PHOTOS & GRAPHICS: (find more on Blenders FanPage and other SM Sites)

Blenders Collage from Ucho in Gdynia
Blenders Collage from Kartuzy 2023
Blenders After a Private Concert
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