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FreeQ ButiQ is a 5-piece band based in the Tri-Cities of North Poland (Gda -Sopot-Gdynia).  The play original material and improvize in a mixture of styles revolving around rock, funk, psychedelia, guitar rock.  They have yet-to-be-released material recorded with Leszek Możdżer as a guest pianist/keyboardist on most tracks.  More information coming soon.


GENRES: Progressive Funk, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Rhythm'n'Blues, Fusion, Mashup, Improv



     Lead Vocals / Production: Glenn “glennSKii” Meyer-Greer

     Guitar/Backing Vocs: Piotr Słodkowski

     Guitar: Dizzy Daniels

     Bass/Backing Vocs: Krzysztof "Słodki” Słodkowski

     Drums: Martin "Martiño" Novotarski


ACTIVITY: 2019 - present

CONTACTS: (english) (po polsku)


<coming soon>

BIO (in polish) PDF


RIDER (in english)  <coming soon>

RAJDER (in polish)

PHOTOS: (more photos coming soon)  (see more on Facebook FanPage)

FreeQ ButiQ : the Band
FreeQs in a ButiQ
FreeQ ButiQ on Stage
FreeQ ButiQ : the Band 2
FreeQ ButiQ - Rancho Texas
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