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język polski

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Genre:. Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute (Funk-Rock)

Years Active: 2006 till present


     vocals: Glenn glennSKii Meyer

     drums: Michał Młyniec

     bass: Michał Górecki

     guitar1: Krzysztof Stachura

     guit2/voc: Piotr Słodkowski



The Monkey Funks are a band based on the music of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Originally formed in Poland by Musicians from the Funk-Rock Scene in 2008, The band reformed in 2014 when glennSKii, their american lead vocalist, returned from 4 years in S.E. Asia and the U.S. All the band members are professional musicians playing in various bands and projects. They love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers repertoire and have an expansive knowledge of the material. glennSKii (known in Poland for his role in the funk- rock band “Blenders”), is originally from the U.S. and lived in the RHCP’s home state of California. The Monkey Funks have a big RHCP repertoire and perform it on a very high level.


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photo: siodmy_zmysl (instagram)
photo: siodmy_zmysl (instagram)
photo: siodmy_zmysl (instagram)
photo: siodmy_zmysl (instagram)
photo: siodmy_zmysl (instagram)

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